Websites that pay you to write poems


If you don't have significant experience, what can you do? There are a lot of websites, small and large, that will pay you regardless of experience. If you've ever looked at a greeting card and thought, "I could do that," written a poem or short fiction, thought you could do a better job on a research based article than what you've read online, are an expert hobbyist or more, you could be earning hundreds or thousands in extra income a year.

Below is a list of 22 sites that pay for your writing.

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It isn't comprehensive, but is merely meant to provide a wide range of examples of paid writing opportunities. Use it as a guide to help you find many more sites that will pay you, too!

They publish six issues per year, and accept poetry submissions for publication consideration at rolling intervals which you can find on the Iron Horse Review submit page on their website. The Tablet pays for articles on Jewish news, ideas, and culture. And yes, you could put your poems in an eBook and sell it there. While other items should be submitted double-spaced, you can submit poetry entries to the Three Penney Review either double-spaced or singled spaced.

ADDitude ADDitude is an online magazine is devoted to providing strategies and support for people who are living with ADHD and other learning disabilities. Though they typically accept guest contributions from journalists and mental health professionals, they are also looking for writings from lay people who have personal experience with ADHD and other learning disabilities. Articles should be no more than words, and payment amount is calculated based on many factors including length, and experience with the topic.

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Hopefully you caught our post featuring Greeting Card Markets plus tips for pitching those markets. Melissa says How does it work with amazon? They accept poetry submissions that are unpublished and are lines or less. Be sure to read thoroughly how each site requires you submit your poetry to them for consideration. They also pay for short ebooks, so there is an option for longer-form content, too.

Ashtray Blog Vaping is all the rage right now. So if you're an enthusiast, why not consider getting paid to write an article for the Ashtray Blog? They are looking for those that focus on vaping, harm reduction, electronic cigarettes, read more similar related topics. They provide the themes, which can help you structure your submission.

  • We have replaced that outlet with another paying market.
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  • Be sure to include some images and examples in your listing.

BabyFit Owned by SparkPeople, a popular online preventative healthcare website, BabyFit focuses on fitness and nutrition when pregnant and as a parent. If you can write a well-researched article between and words, you may be interested in submitting one to this site.

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Blue Mountain Arts If you can write contemporary prose or poetry focusing on personal experience, check out Visit web page Mountain Arts. Classic Toy Trains Obsessed with toy trains? Could you write about them? Submissions should be no more than words in length. Developer Tutorials If you're knowledgeable about computer programming and design, and can write a tutorial, this website might be for you. Developer Tutorials is looking for list-based articles and will pay for accepted contributions.

The rate depends on many factors, such as length and quality of the tutorial, as well as the demand for your particular lesson. Fantus Paper Products Their greeting card division, P.

Websites that pay you to write poems

Compensation is decided on a case-by-case basis. FineScale Modeler Magazine If you enjoy building or know a lot about model airplanes, cars, ships, etc. This magazine pays for articles between — words, and the payment amount is based on the length of the article. Girl's Life If you have a daughter, sister, niece, or female friend who is younger than 18 and likes to write, create poetry, or short fiction, she can earn money if her submission to Girl's Life is accepted.

Payment amount is decided on a case-by-case basis. High Country News High Country News is a non-profit magazine focusing on the American West "people, politics, culture, and aesthetic values". If you like writing on these topics, they will pay you. Oatmeal Studios This greeting card company is looking for humorous greeting card ideas, so if you have a knack for that, send them to Oatmeal Studios.

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The Hairpin The Hairpin focuses on women and features mostly women writers. The topics are varied and wide-ranging, from celebrity culture to tips for creating a great cover letter.

They are looking for original, unpublished content, and pay contributors for their work. BlogMutt BlogMutt produces blog posts for businesses in just about every industry imaginable, from pet boutiques to tech services. If you can write on a wide variety of topics — especially in the tech industry — you'll have a lot of available work. There are no deadlines or assignments, so you can write at your own pace. Customers provide the topics they need blog posts on, writers submit posts on the topics they choose, and the customers pick the posts they want.

Smithsonian Magazine Recognized for its libraries devoted to exhibits in in science, art, history, and pop culture, Smithsonian Magazine will pay authors whose submissions are accepted. Tales to Go Tales to Go is a paid subscription website and book publisher focusing on stories about travel.

Websites that pay you to write poems

They are looking for personal, non-fiction stories and anecdotes, especially to unfamiliar areas. Stories should be between and words. The Secret Place The Secret Place is a quarterly devotional made up exclusively of freelance writers. The Sun The Sun is an ad-free paid subscription website that focuses on many aspects of the human experience. They even throw in a complimentary one-year subscription to their magazine. This list really is the tip of the iceberg, and many writers, including myself, have had positive experiences and enjoyed the extra income.

Let's grow this list. Let me know about your favorite sites in the comments below! A helpful reader pointed out that an entry in this list was no longer paying ReachSelf. We have replaced that outlet with another paying market. Where'd you sell it?


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