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How to write a new puzzle This chapter gives a guide to how to actually write a new puzzle: The previous chapters have been largely composed of facts. This one is mostly advice. Your qrite in puzzle games is up to you, of course; and, in fact, you're probably reading this guide because you've already thought of a game you want to write. But if you want to get it accepted into the official Puzzles distribution, then there's a criterion it has to meet.

The current Puzzles editorial policy is that all games should be fair. A fair game is one which a player can only fail to complete through demonstrable lack of skill — that is, such that a better player in the same situation would have known to wrkte something different. For a start, that means every game presented to the user must have at least one solution. Giving the unsuspecting user a puzzle which is actually impossible is not acceptable. There is an exception: Same Game and Mines both have options of this type.

Also, this actually rules out games such as Klondike, or the normal form of Mahjong Solitaire. Those games have the property that even tour there is a solution i. In both games, it is possible to reach a dead end because you had an arbitrary choice to make and made it the wrong way. Hslp violates the fairness criterion, because a better player couldn't have known they needed to make the other choice.

GNOME has a variant on Mahjong Solitaire which makes it fair: Using this operation adds a second penalty to your solution time, so puzzlle to the player's advantage to try to minimise the chance of having to use it. It's still possible to render the game uncompletable if you end up with only two tiles vertically stacked, but that's easy to foresee and avoid using a shuffle operation.

If you write down your goals in

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By Mary Morrissey Do you wrote down your goals and dreams on a regular basis. Or do you simply think about them, without actually check this out them anywhere. As it turns out, your answer to this question has a HUGE impact on your odds dowm transforming whatever it is you desire to be, do, have or give into your reality. Why is the power of writing down goals so important. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, recently studied the art and science of goal setting. She gathered two hundred and sixty-seven people together -- men and women from all over the world, and from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare professionals, artists, lawyers and bankers.

She divided the participants into groups, according to who wrote down their goals and dreams, and who didn't And she discovered that those who wrote down their goals and dreams on a regular basis achieved those desires at a significantly higher level than those who did not. The likelihood that you'll transform your desires into reality goes up even further if you share your written goals with a friend who believes in your ability to succeed what I call a "partner in believing". Why does writing down your goals and dreams have such a profound impact. The explanation has to i with the way our brains work.

As you may know, your brain has a left and a right hemisphere. The wide, flat bundle of neural fibers that connects the two hemispheres is called the corpus callosum. This is the conduit through which the electrical signals between the right brain, which is imaginative, and the left brain, which is literal, make contact.

These electrical signals then move into the fluid that surrounds the brain and travels up and down the spinal column. These dowwn then communicate with every fiber, cell and bone in our body It allows us to article source our frequency to a life we would love living.

How do you write your surname

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Celebrate by not doing violence to the laws of pluralization. Every year they assault me. My mother is baking a pie. And then I spot it: I shudder, flipping past the unwarranted punctuation. But as I keep flipping, the apostrophes do, too—flipping me off, that is. They defile Christmas card after Christmas card, last name after last name with their presence. Gone is my Christmas cheer. All my glad tidings, replaced with fury. Advertisement Is pluralizing last names more difficult than I realize.

Because we get these cards every year—these cards with their adorable photos and their apostrophe catastrophes. It is how do you write your surname humble attempt to preserve not only apostrophe protocol but also the dignity of the letter S. The Definitive Guide to Pluralizing Your Last Name Last letter s of last name What should you add wrjte make it plural. Does it need an apostrophe?.

Letters to write to your mom

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Thank You Note to Moms A Thank You Note to Moms I was sitting and imagining what it would be like to receive a thank you from my kids. We do it from a place of selfless, boundless love. But we deserve to be thanked for our tireless, passionate, endless work as Moms. So here is the thank you note every Mom should get. This is for you.

Dear Mom — Thank you for all you do for me and our family. Thank you for picking up my socks, my Legos, my bouncy balls, my article source, shoes, towels and cars, my books, my crafts, my underwear, my DS games, teddy bears, magic markers, my pajamas, more Legos, my Play Doh, my Squinkies, my hair clips, my slippers and all the things we leave in a path behind us everywhere around the house. I know you spend a lot of your day just picking up the things we left around between coming home from school and going to bed.

Thanks for cooking for us, it must really take a lot of work to plan mealsto go to the grocery store, to read labels and pick the best foods to keep our bodies letters to write to your mom. It must take a lot of time and energy to put the here into the cart, out of the cart to pay, into the cart, out of the cart to the car, out of the car, into the house, out of the bags and then into the pantry; all before you cook us dinner.

It will help me learn and have good character. Thanks for the years of cleaning up my boogers, my throw up and wiping my hiney. Thanks for teaching me to do those things for myself; and for teaching me to tie my shoes, get dressed on my own and use a real cup with no cover. I really needed you to help me grow up, Mom. Thank you for teaching me to be organized, to do my homework, clean my room and to practice my instrument. Thanks for pushing me even when I complain and argue with you.

Can you write off medical bills

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However, you may be able to find some tax relief using these tax deduction tips. Itemized Deduction for Medical Expenses If you are itemizing your deductionsyou can deduct medical and dental expenses on Schedule Can you write off medical bills of Form This is the only place on your tax return where you can directly deduct medical expenses.

If ca take the standard deduction rather than itemizing deductions, you will be unable to deduct your medical expenses. Due to this threshold, it may make sense for you to try and bunch your medical expenses into a single year. What Types of Medical Expenses Qualify. These include the following: Examples of medical expenses that do not qualify for a deduction include the following: What Are Some Other Ways to Reduce My Taxes. If van employer offers a Flexible Spending Account FSAyou should consider signing up for it. With FSAs, money is taken out of each cwn and put into a special account.

The money is taken out pre-tax so you will not have to pay income tax on it. The catch is that the money can only be used for qualified medical expenses. Additionally, with most FSAs, the money also disappears at the end of the calendar year. It is similar to a FSA in that it allows you to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax money. However, unlike an FSA, kedical are not required to use the money in a particular year. Furthermore, the money stays with you even if you change employers. If you make a contribution to an HSA outside of a payroll deduction, you can deduct the amount on Line 25 of Form For both FSAs and HSAs, you must use the money to pay for qualified medical expenses.

If you use the money for something that does not qualify, or you simply withdraw the money for no specific reason, you will likely have to include it as income on your see more return and pay income tax on it. The Premium Tax Credit for Health Insurance No Double Benefits You cannot deduct any medical expenses that have been paid for by somebody else or that you paid for with pre-tax dollars. Likewise, you cannot deduct pre-tax insurance premiums from your employer or any self-employed insurance premiums that you deducted on Form .

Letters to write to your brother

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One arrived 15 months after I did and the next 11 and a half years later. I have learned so much watching them grow up. I was recently reflecting on the relationship I have with the older of my two brothers and how special the relationship we have with our siblings can be. As I felt the impulse to write, I realised this letter is much bigger than the brothers in my nuclear family.

I now have many men in my life who have shown me that it is possible to be a tender and vulnerable man, and that to be this way is a true strength, not a weakness. These men have reminded me of the sweetness and tenderness I felt with my own brothers when they were small. In essence, although inspired by my brothers, and addressed to the older of my two brothers, this is also a letter to my dad, my male letters to write to your brother, my granddad, my uncles and all men and boys… all my brothers.

Dearest big little brother, I know how strong you are and I know what makes you the man you are today. Although I did not take too kindly to your arrival, once trying to sweep you out of your cot with a broom, I did get used to you and I was very happy to have you around. We had many, many great times together as children. You were so funny, brave and cheeky as a child. We both faced many challenges as we grew up; despite this you have been able to hold onto your playfulness today.

I came into the world screaming and did not stop… I get the sense that I did not embrace coming in to the world. When I look at baby pictures of myself I see a very worried and unhappy baby. In contrast, you always had a smile on your face and barely made a peep. Our mum still talks about how different you and I were as babies. I do remember that nothing seemed to bother you at all — you had a solid strength that I admired. You embraced the world from day one and I felt safe when you were around. You made things feel easy and I wondered what I was so worried about.

I feel like you were sent to be my brother to show me how I could have this too. You were always so tough, strong and brave. Sometimes when we would fight, you would hurt me. Even though you were younger, we both knew you would always win when it came to a fight and you always did. It was no fun when I was fighting you, but if I needed help it was so reassuring to know you were there for me.

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It's all because of its advanced customer service, resume writing offerings, and free job search or interview coaching every time you avail of their wares. Who writte you trust when you need help writing your resume. Writing a great resume will be the stepping stone that lands you a job interview and you will want one that sets you apart from srite rest.

Writing a resume has never been an easy task. In realizing this, it would certainly be beneficial for anyone who needs a resume written to hire a professional companiees executive resume writer. If you decide to hire a resume writer, you will need to do a bit of homework prior to contacting one. It seems these days, you can have just about any paper written for you and resumes are no different. It will be important in your search for a resume writer to be careful with the choice you make.

It is always possible when hiring a writing service via the internet, there is a chance you might not be satisfied with the results. Many of these companies are certainly legitimate writing services with highly qualified professionals doing the writing. Considering the importance of a resume, a bit of research first will make you more confident that you are hiring the best. When in doubt, your best bet will be a professional resume writer who is certified. Other certifications will include Certified Professional Resume writer CPRWCertified Expert Resume Writer CERWMaster Resume Writer MRW and Nationally Certified Resume Writer NCRW.

Understandably, hiring a resume writer who is certified will not guarantee you will be awarded the job you are applying for, but if you receive a superbly written resume, it will certainly be a good start It does not matter if you already have a successful career or are just starting out as a fresh graduate, or are looking for a promotion at your current place of employment because WE are a professional site that offers premium assistance with the writing of resumes and CVs alike.

We have a unique resume format which is both attractive and professional which will gain the attention of any reader, be it a professional recruiter or someone taking a passing glance at your CV. We have a unique mixed format document that blends the best elements of both resumes and CVs to ensure that you can present all of your qualifications, achievements, and experience in a concise, easy to read fashion.

We have a unique team of successful, talented resume writers with extensive experience in creating CVs that win job seekers interviews for their dream jobs. In truth, professional CV writing services are becoming something of a rarity. Many sites and companies purport to offer these services to their clients but fail to deliver a truly professional CV or resume. Resume writing services resjmes sought out by individuals who understand the importance of a resume as the document that makes the first impression.

And as everyone knows, nobody gets a chance to make a second first impression with a possible employer.

Write dissertation in one day you

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Last year a Twitter follower brought to my attention a post called How Wgite went from writing words to 10, words a day by the fiction writer Rachel Aaron. I did a double take. Can you really write 10, words a day. Well, Rachel says she can, with three conditions: To regularly write 10, words: Imagine if you could reliably write 10, words a day, how long would it take to finish your thesis… A week. How about a journal paper — a day. Or so I thought. The Thesis Bootcamp formula was developed by Liam Connell and Peta Freestone of the University of Melbourne.

The Thesis Bootcamp concept is simple — put a whole lot of PhD students in a room for a whole weekend and set them the goal of writing 20, words each. Yes — you heard me right. At every Thesis Bootcamp we have run, at least one student will achieve this goal, and many write many more words than dat thought they would. In a previous post Dxy Freestone and Liam Connell wrote about the ideas behind Thesis Bootcamp.

Perfectionist writers have a problem doing this, which is why we see so many perfectionists at our Bootcamps. At Bootcamp we teach our students to focus the generative writing energy to productive effect. The map is essentially a series of sub-headings which the students use as prompts for composing new text, or re-using existing wwrite. Thesis structure is strongly influenced by disciplinary precedent and the go here of the Thesis itself. A history PhD it might follow a timeline from the past to the present; a science PhD might echo the order of the experiments that have been performed.

Try the following technique: Try to capture an overview of the Thesis by completing the following sentences from the work of Rowena Murray: This Thesis contributes to knowledge by… This Thesis is important because… The key research question is…. Decide how long your Thesis will be. Most universities have a maximum word count. Make a document with chapter headings and word counts next to them. Include an introduction of — words followed by up to seven chapters of equal length and a conclusion of around — words.

Under the conclusion heading write a rough list of points you think will go in there hint — these should be answers to the research questions you have posed. Study these closely — have you got data, theories, evidence and arguments to support these conclusions.