Write a small paragraph on daydreaming


Visit web page deprivation in kids who require at least nine hours a night, depending on age has been found to significantly decrease academic achievement, lower standardized achievement and intelligence test scores, stunt physical growth, encourage drug and alcohol use, heighten moodiness and irritability, exacerbate symptoms of ADD, and dramatically increase the likelihood of car accidents among teens.

It may just be the hidden wellspring of creativity and learning in the guise of idleness.

Distracting Day dreaming can be very distracting. Nordin returning to his desk. Nordin exchanged glances, both unable to find words. It is one of my most-cherished dreams to have enough money and travel in various locations. It had to be done, he had waited long enough and no better chance will come knocking like this. For regardless of the result if anythe very process of daydreaming is pleasurable. He knew he would get away with it.

Not all mental downtime is alike, of course. Downtime spent playing a video game or zoning out with a television show may have its charms, but the kind of downtime I am talking about is different.

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When the mind wanders freely between random thoughts and memories that float through our consciousness, unbidden. Television, videogames, and other electronic distractions prevent this kind of mental wandering because they interrupt the flow of thoughts and memories that cement the foundation of positive, productive daydreaming. Legendary cognitive psychologist Jerome L. Singer goes so far as to call daydreaming our default mental state.

  • She left him a note on his desk to see her immediately.
  • Nordin returning to his desk.
  • Nordin returning to his desk.

Singer proposed in his book, Daydreaming: The two cannot operate at the same time, so when we engage our working memory network, we shut off our daydreaming network. The two forms of thinking may be different, and mutually exclusive, but they are both necessary to our emotional and intellectual health.

Scott Barry Kaufmancognitive psychologist and author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefinedargues that while this dreamy, reflective state might look like idleness to an outside observer, daydreaming kids are at work. For the individual, mind wandering offers the possibility of very real, personal reward, some immediate, some more distant. In other words, daydreaming only appears lazy from the outside, but viewed from the inside—or from the perspective of a psychologist, such as Kaufman, or a neuroscientist, such as Mary Helen Immordino-Yang —a complicated and extremely productive neurological process is taking place.

Viewed from the inside, our children are exploring the only space where they truly have autonomy: She describes a study that shows mental downtime can alleviate the stress of standardized testing.

Day Dreams

The squeaking sound of one particular fan broke the silence. Nordin, we belong together, forever. Make sure he completes his assignments. I always see other students finish their work done and having really good grades. Has he started going to bed early? The students had finished their classes and were long gone. Regaining full focus from her mental lapse, she packed her belongings, gathered the remaining unmarked essay papers and headed out the door. Take care of my dog and teach her new tricks. After all, in a world of political correctness, a special kid like him, deaf since birth, would always receive preferential treatment.

The burden of periodic high-stakes testing is a source of stress for educators and students alike, but for students with test anxiety, these tests are particularly onerous and anxiety-provoking. When researchers sought to find ways to alleviate the anxiety caused by high-stakes testing, they found that simply giving students a few minutes to think about and write down their thoughts on the test significantly increased test scores, particularly for students for whom test anxiety had become a habit.

Moreover, it is not any writing that benefits performance, but expressing worries about an upcoming high-pressure situation that accounts for enhanced exam scores under pressure.

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How should parents and teachers respond to all this research about the benefits of mental downtime? For one thing, we should stop snapping our children out of their daydreams.

Write a small paragraph on daydreaming

Instead, we should protect this time much as we protect bedtime. Kick your children outside and close the door behind them.

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Encourage them go for a walk around the neighborhood without an electronic device. Tell your child what I have told you, that that silence and daydreaming are as important to their health and learning as sleeping and studying. Take a serious and objective look at how much time your child spends playing video games, responding to texts, messaging, watching television, or messing around visit web page the Internet and carve out some of that time for daydreaming.

I small paragraph incorporated opportunities to daydream into my daily life, because they feed both my teaching and my writing.

First thing in the morning when I am awake, but have not yet opened my eyes. On walks in the woods, free of earbuds or an agenda.

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The otherwise onerous and repetitive task of weed-pulling and raking has also proven fertile ground for this kind of mental meandering. The activity does not matter: Any place or occasion or task that allows the brain to wander will do. Teach your kids how to just be. How to value silence and be at peace with nothing but their thoughts to occupy them.

Then I found myself enthralled with the words etched into the wooden canvas before me. This poem was followed by several crude drawings of my bed. Tell your child what I have told you, that that silence and daydreaming are as important to their health and learning as sleeping and studying. Her conservative parents would disown her if they ever found out about the relationship. Since I was out of paper and out of options I shrugged my shoulders at my hesitations and began my ode to my bed. He knew if he stopped to think even for a while, hesitation would start seeping in.

Make the romantic notion of laying back on the soft grass with nothing to do other than to watch the clouds pass overhead a reality. For regardless of the result if anythe very process of daydreaming is pleasurable.


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