Write a short paragraph on noise pollution


Noise pollution affects both health and behavior. Unwanted sound noise can damage psychological health.

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Noise pollution can cause hypertensionhigh stress levels, tinnitushearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects. Older males exposed to significant occupational noise demonstrate more significantly reduced hearing sensitivity than their non-exposed peers, though differences in hearing sensitivity decrease with time and the two groups are indistinguishable by age Less addressed is how humans adapt to noise subjectively.

It is not just a mild annoyance. Understanding, planning and implementing strategies to get prevented from the noise pollution has been necessary to curb within time. So, those factories can be set up in remote areas. Loud noises can be very stressful. Noise pollution affects both health and behavior.

Indeed, tolerance for noise is frequently independent of decibel levels. However, Murray Schafer's soundscape research was groundbreaking in this regard. In his eponymous work, he makes compelling arguments about how humans relate to noise on a subjective level, and how such subjectivity is conditioned by culture.

Write a short paragraph on noise pollution

Other key research in this area can be seen in Fong's comparative analysis of soundscape differences between Bangkok, Thailand and Los Angeles, California, US. Fong's research methodology was modeled after Schafer, and the research findings show how not only do soundscapes differ, but they also rather explicitly point to the level of urban development in the area; that is, cities in the periphery - in Immanuel Wallerstein-speak - will have different soundscapes than that of cities in the core. Fong's important findings tie not only soundscape appreciation to our subjective views of sound, but also demonstrates how different sounds of the soundscape are indicative of class differences in urban environments.

Acoustic overexposure can lead to temporary or permanent loss of hearing.

The consequences of the noise pollution are more dangerous and worrying in the near future. That is how the thundering cloud deafens people when the thunder reaches the earth. Ear and sound have a direct relationship. Regularly increasing level of the noise pollution is keeping the lives of people of present generation and coming generations at high risk. Section empowers human being to remove a public nuisance on a conditional or permanent order. Noise Pollution Essay 6 words Noise Pollution Noise pollution is caused write a short paragraph on noise pollution the noise when the level of noise gets increased than the normal level in the environment. Paragraphs on Noise Pollution Words Article Shared By Paragraphs on Noise pollution! Loss of hearing and deafness:

An impact of noise on wild animal life is the reduction of usable habitat that noisy areas may cause, which in the case of endangered species may be part of the path to extinction. Noise pollution may have caused the death of certain species of whales that beached themselves after being exposed to the loud sound of military sonar. These unheard voices might be warnings, finding of prey, or preparations of net-bubbling.

When one species begins speaking more loudly, it will mask other species' voice, causing the whole ecosystem eventually to speak more loudly. Marine invertebrates, such as crabs Carcinus maenashave also been shown to be negatively affected by ship noise.

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Repeated exposure to the sounds did lead to acclimatization. Zebra finches become less faithful to their partners when exposed to traffic noise.

This could alter a population's evolutionary trajectory by selecting traits, sapping resources normally devoted to other activities and thus leading to profound genetic and evolutionary consequences. Noise mitigation Roadway noise can be reduced by the use of noise barrierslimitation of vehicle speeds, alteration of roadway surface texture, limitation of heavy vehiclesuse of traffic controls that smooth vehicle flow to reduce braking and acceleration, and tire design.

An important factor in applying these strategies is a computer model for roadway noisethat is capable of addressing local topographymeteorologytraffic operations, and hypothetical mitigation.

Costs of building-in mitigation can be modest, provided these solutions are sought in the planning stage of a roadway project. Aircraft noise can be reduced by using quieter jet engines. Altering flight paths and time of day runway has benefitted residents near airports.

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Industrial noise has been addressed since the s via redesign of industrial equipment, shock mounted assemblies and physical barriers in the workplace. In recent years, Buy Quiet programs and initiatives have arisen in an effort to combat occupational noise exposures. These programs promote the purchase of quieter tools and equipment and encourage manufacturers to design quieter equipment.

Noise regulation Up until the s governments tended to view noise as a "nuisance" rather than an environmental problem. Many conflicts over noise pollution are handled by negotiation between the emitter and the receiver. Escalation procedures vary by country, and may include action in conjunction with local authorities, in particular the police. India[ edit ] Noise pollution is a major problem in India.

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United Kingdom[ edit ] Figures compiled by rockwool, the mineral wool insulation manufacturer, based on responses from local authorities to a Freedom of Information Act FOI request reveal in the period April — UK councils receivedcomplaints about noise pollution from private residences. This resulted in environmental health officers across the UK serving 8, noise abatement notices or citations under the terms of the Anti-Social Behaviour Scotland Act. In the last 12 months, confiscations of equipment have been authorized involving the removal of powerful speakers, stereos and televisions.

Westminster City Council has received more complaints per head of population than any other district in the UK with 9, grievances about noise, which equates to Eight of the top 10 councils ranked by complaints per 1, residents are located in London. Noise laws and ordinances vary widely among municipalities and indeed do not even exist in some cities. An ordinance may contain a general prohibition against making noise that is a nuisance, or it may set out specific guidelines for the level of noise allowable at certain times of the day and for certain activities. The Environmental Protection Agency retains authority to investigate and study noise and its effect, disseminate information to the public regarding noise pollution and its adverse health effects, respond to inquiries on matters related to noise, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing regulations for protecting the public health and welfare, pursuant to the Noise Control Act of and the Quiet Communities Act of


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