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By Ankita Mitra Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles Internet is a network of computer systems that have been connected to each other using standard communication protocols.

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Internet gives access to a large volume of precious and useful information. Internet operations began when the US Department of Defense connected some computers through optical cable networks.

  • At the same time it also helps you to share your ideas and views about global affairs by just pressing few simple keys.
  • Internet allow us to use any application programmes supporting instant messaging to send quick messages to friends, parents or teachers.
  • Some websites may trick people into downloading viruses that can harm a computer or spyware that spies on its users looks at what they are doing and tells someone else.

These networks also used satellites for transmission of data to far-off places. The Internet service is provided by both Government and private organizations.

The internet is therefore the largest encyclopedia for everyone, in all age categories. The cost of sending an e-mail is much less as compared to cost of making calls through internet. As everything has its pros and cons means both positive and negative effects, internet also has affected the human lives in both ways. Internet Essay 4 words Internet has revolutionized the living style and working style of the human being. By Ankita Mitra Category:

Internet has given the most exciting mode of communications to all the e-mail. We can send as e-mail to all the corners of the world. The data cost of internet for sending an E-mail is very low.

Write a paragraph on uses of internet

Further, Internet can be used to collect information from various websites on different subjects. This information could relate to education, medicines, literature, software, computers, business, entertainment, friendship and leisure.

Internet is also used for carrying out business operations and that set of operations is known as Electronic Commerce e-commerce. All the newspapers, magazines and journals of the world are available on Internet. The possibilities an Internet are endless.

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The advantages of Internet are low cost, large volumes of information, high speed of access and good quality of entertainment. Its disadvantage is that people often waste time while surfing through various websites on Internet.

The new century has ushered into a new era of Information Technology and Internet is the backbone of this modern era.


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