Write a paragraph on myself qo


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My name is Rahul. I am 6 years old.

Write a paragraph on myself qo

I read in class 1 or 2, or 3. I like to play cricket. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think.

I like to listen music. I like to sleep early.

About Myself - Class 1 Science ()

I like to get up late. I can make many 3D objects with paper.

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Making a sketch at leisure time is also my hobby. I like to watch Cartoon I like to watch IIIFA award programs on TV.

I never get late. I also have joined dance and piano classes out of the school as I like to learn dance and piano very much. I live with my family in the Rajnagar colony in Ghaziabad. Not only does your written work have to be pin-perfect in spelling and grammar, but it has to say something and leave the reader with an impression. My parents are very conscious to my health. Sometimes, additions like this are useful, and create a sense of urgency, but likewise, not using the right tone can leave your message flat and unimpressive. Len Heggarty I am not inspired.

I am a good listener. I don't praise myself.

Write a paragraph on myself qo

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It is little difficult to say about Myself or Your Good Manners or Your Family. It is because you know yourself so well that you don't know where to start write a paragraph on myself qo. Here I would also like to say that many guardians have no time to write ten points essay to fulfill their son's or daughter's essay demand.

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Actually it is little hard to start writing about anything, but once you start then it usually gets completed. So first important point is that one should start writing. So I am first writing about My Self after that Good Manners and My Family will be covered in this page.

It is for kids class Kg level up to Class 3. If you do not find good manner and good habits here then search on this site.

Learning to understand that writing is a process, always changing and moving, a living thing is some ways, is to understand that it is the form qrite communication that represents us when we are not there to be ourselves. I always try to make my friends and classmates happy through my interesting jokes and nice talks. I like to watch Cartoon One of my hobbies is reading. I am capable to do well under any stressful condition. How do you have the ability to write if you have no passion for it?

You will find that. Azra Ahmadis the founder of Creative Essay and Creative Akademy You can follow him on Facebook Page.


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