Write a paragraph on my life


My life in a few short paragraphs.

He would touch me in inappropriate ways and try to make me kiss him. I carved the word ugly into my skin and wouldn't look people directly in writee eyes. But at the time I didn't understand why my dad was taking everything away from me. His book has the rhythm and flow of the changing seasons. So I want to become a lawyer as I want to see my society where innocent peoples are seen with utmost respect. I see myself in dog training class bent over my golden retriever mix, quivering hands holding its new red collar in the "gaining control" position. I will try to eat chocolate and hamburgers to gain more weight. Now I do lots of social media consulting, impressive amounts of copy-writing, and work with a couple different start-ups.

So she ignored the increasingly insistent contractions and stayed put until my father hauled her out of her chair and dragged her to the hospital. Or so the story as told by my father goes. I was born shortly after and the rest, as they say, is history. You want to know the whole story? We stayed in France until the eve of my 7th birthday when my parents moved me and my two sisters one olderone younger to Rye, NY where I discovered the joy of being a kid in a typical American neighborhood.

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There were snowball fights and sledding in the winter and lots of running around in bathing suits in the summer. It was heaven for a kid like me.

Write a paragraph on my life

Right after I turned 10 we packed up again and moved to London, England, which took a little more getting used to than American suburbia. London is a pretty big city and I was a pretty sheltered kid. I attended the American School in London with a ton of other sheltered American kids.

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I learned about cliques, rich kids, and true friendship see more I lived there. I also learned my fair share about xenophobia. Or that one day he picked on someone old enough to kick his ass. The summer I turned 13, despite much write a paragraph on my life and gnashing of teeth on my part, my parents packed us up again and we headed back over the Channel to Paris, France.

I went to a bilingual middle and high school. I stalked all the American expat and military students, and finally write a paragraph on my life I had to make friends with locals too. Having to make new friends every school year got old really fast.

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Sometime in my senior year of high school I realized I had given absolutely zero thought to what I wanted to do with my life Something remarkably easy to do in France where college is subsidized paragrph the government and applications are a formality. You graduate from high school and go straight into a specialty. Want to be a doctor? Go to straight to med school. I gave into peer pressure and went to med school. No, I have no idea why. Was paragrapph a good idea? The competition is pretty stiff.

Amazing what you can pick up. At the end of the year, still without a clue about what to do, I followed the advice of some family friends and enrolled in law school.

In that moment everything changed. My grandfather, grandmother, and great grandmother were living with us now and my grandpa had begun to molest me. There's no need to do the actual examination and investigation now. You might just end up with a book This is my ending. I don't know what to sugget i've just always assumed that as soon as i can find a significant other in my life i can concentrate my money and efforts into them

I lasted two years. I flunked Intro to Economy and History of Law that first first year. I got the equivalent wrlte a BA in English Lit and headed to NYC for a summer internship in a marketing firm. While I was there I met M during a weekend excursion to Boston and I decided to stay in the States for a year. Not for a lazy butt like me.

essay on the happiest day of my life

I convinced M that a year in Paris would be super fun and we headed back together. He went to work and pagagraph me while I went back to school. Actually, he paid for my year in school. I gave up on any lofty advertising career ideas and took a job as an administrative writr, he gave up on a job in finance and went to Law School.

We moved into a cute little house of our own and life as we know it slowly began. He graduated from Law School and became a Personal Injury Lawyer working to help the pparagraph people. I kept plugging away at my unthrilling job and dreaming of a day when I would be free of the tyrannical photocopier.

And then we did the math and realized that the day had come. In July I quit my job and started a career as a freelance writer. Then, a year later, I went to work for Tiny Prints as blogger outreach coordinator and social media marketing associate. I launched a company with some friends, learned a bunch and moved on. Now I do lots of social media wfite, impressive amounts of copy-writing, and work with a couple different start-ups.

In I published my first novel, Aloha Also Means Goodbye through a small local indie press. Enjoying our kids and our busy lives.

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