Write a paragraph on my favourite book

Write a paragraph on my favourite book

Emily Hutch So, what can be said about books? Unfortunately, there are not enough young people who like to read in England. I firmly disagree with this.

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Books can be long, short, big or small. Books can have a mixture of pictures and hundreds upon hundreds of words.

Write a paragraph on my favourite book

Wgite can be exciting, scary, thrilling and confusing. But, above all, books can be interesting.

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How daft of me. How write a paragraph on my favourite book you only have one favourite book in the whole world? My favourite book is the third one.

My favourite book as a kid!

Bhagawad Gita embodies a message for Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata, Arjuna was unwilling to fight because he would not like to kill his kith and kin. The pattern is specified by HOLY Prophet Muhammad. Love of the people is the actual love of God is what Bhagawad Gita teaches. They are at my reading level so it is easy to read. The world is known and unknown, beautiful and ugly, cured and humane, real and fictional. I have learnt a lot from this great book.

My least favourite book is probably one of the latter ones, either the sixth or seventh book. Another of my favourite series is His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. This trilogy is all about the adventures of a young girl called Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon.

  • Forever, it tells us if you do the right thing you will get the good thing.
  • The author of this book is Federico Moccio.
  • In Hogwarts Harry meets Ron and Hermione.

It is filled with adventure, despair, intrigue and suspense; this is one of the main reasons why it appeals to me so much. There is such a variety of subjects and stories that the books were very difficult to boo down when I first read them.

They are easy to understand. Twilight is a book about vampires and the love between a vampire and a mh. The stones in this book are really wonderful and interest, their style is narrative. But, above all, books can be interesting. My cousins love to read it too. Also, they cannot give rides on their motorcycles. We all enjoy reading Panchtantra together. It has been written by the great poet Valmiki.

They still are to this day in fact. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings The Wind on Fire Trilogy The Dark Tower Series.


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