Write a paragraph on land pollution

  • However with the overuse of these chemicals, they result in contamination and poisoning of soil.
  • Modern landfills in developed countries are designed to keep harmful chemicals from polluting the water.
  • This took up former agricultural land, caused sewage and waste problems, increased the demands for food and put pressure on farmers to produce more food.

Paragraph on Land, Water and Noise Pollution Article shared by Here is your Paragraph on Land, Water and Noise Pollution! The excessive use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides damages the quality and productivity of the soil.

Write a paragraph on land pollution

Besides, industries such as paper mills, sugar mills, oil refineries, fertiliser units and plastic and rubber producing units cause land pollution. These produce industrial wastes such as fly ashes or cinder which are deposited in the surrounding areas.

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They damage the land. Trees and forests keep the air pure by releasing oxygen into it.

Large-scale cutting down of trees deforestation has led to soil erosion. It has also resulted in the destruction of the natural habitat. Scraps, rags, broken articles and other forms of rubbish thrown out by households form heaps of rubbish. Rats, flies and mosquitoes are bred in such places. The discharge of chemical and industrial wastes into rivers, seas and oceans causes water pollution.

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Rivers, seas and lakes are pn as dumping grounds for human sewage and harmful industrial wastes. Oil spilled into the sea from tankers or offshore oil rigs often contaminates oceans and seas.

The organisms that multiply in open dumps, write a paragraph on land pollution very good carrier of many diseases. The visual and noise areas are obvious, however light pollution is becoming more widely recognized as a problem. Each household produces tonnes of garbage each year. It affects the head of the sperm and the chromosomes inside it. This has led to increased noise and aviation fuel pollution from air force bases, the destruction of land on army firing ranges and changes in coastlines to form naval bases. Deforestation and soil erosion: The demand for more housing meant the need to use more raw materials to make bricks, slates for roofing and timber for joists, etc.

Thousands of birds and sea-animals are killed. Water pollution changes the taste of water and brings about harmful chemical changes. Water pollution harms marine life and causes serious illnesses when drunk.

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Long exposure to continuous noise creates discomfort, irritation and in extreme cases, partial or pollutin deafness. The sound of continuous hammering, horns from vehicles, blaring loudspeakers and noise from generators are sources of noise pollution.

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Motor vehicles, jet planes, drilling, cutting or grinding machines in factories, even pollutiion gadgets at home or water pumps and generators, televisions, radios and loud-speakers cause noise pollution. Noise pollution impairs hearing, affects concentration and may cause headaches, cardiac problem or high blood pressure. Thus, it has harmful effects on our health and mind depending on the level and duration of the noise.

Since pollution affects all of us, attempts are being made to tackle the problem globally.

Write a paragraph on land pollution

Every country is being made aware of the harmful effects of pollution. International agencies like the World Health Organization and United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization are taking up projects on environmental awareness and protection. The Earth Summit of adopted a global plan with the intention of creating a balance between the conservation of the environment and the development of industries. Every country is induced to take steps to control environmental pollution.

The constant human activity on land, is leaving it polluted; forcing these species to move further away and adapt to new regions or die trying to adjust. Our land on the other hand is living a nightmare too. Wwrite military Over the past century, the technology of military forces has increased. The main constituent of biogas is methane which can be used for energy production.

Realising the need to control lnad pollution, the Government of India has launched the Ganga Action Plan to improve the quality of water pollutiom the Ganges. Over the last few decades, our country has passed laws and adopted programmes for the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources.


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