Write a paragraph on air pollution


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In urban areas and developed countries, air pollution is largely caused by industries and motor vehicles. From those solutions, we expect to save our environment from the air pollution. Sometimes the air inside a building is even worse than the air outside. As a result, they are suffering from respiratory problems, insomnia etc. Short Paragraph on Air Pollution Causes and Effects On By Ravi Sharma Category: Plants can also absorb the carbon dioxide by paragrzph leaves. Certain air pollutants e. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.

Introduction Besides water, air is the most important resource on the planet. Clean air is important to ensure the pollutiln of all living things including plants, animals, and human beings. Unfortunately most of the air we take in is not pure.

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Air pollution is among the major problems the world is currently facing. Causes Air pollution is caused when we release impurities such as dangerous chemicals, vehicle smoke, and other pollutants brought about by human activities.

Mills and factories also cause serious air pollution. Ozone is a gas that stops harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Paragraph on Air Pollution! There are some solutions to overcome this problem.

Many people are unaware of the serious problems they expose the world to by releasing such substance in the air. When breathed in chemicals introduced causes serious diseases such as cancer, increases asthma symptoms, and introduces strange substances in the body, which significantly lowers human life.

Effects Air pollution also leads to acid rain, which is an even bigger problem. The chemicals released to just click for source air mix with rainwater to form acid rain.

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Such water then finds its ways to major water bodies. Clean water is essential for survival and by polluting it, we are threatening our very existence.

Write a paragraph on air pollution

People need to be enlightened on the dangers of air pollution and ways to reduce the amount of pollutants released to patagraph air. Some of the solutions we can implement include the use of eco-friendly materials for example lead free car engine oil. Lead when released to the air could lead to serious problems.

Write a paragraph on air pollution

Factories should come up with ways of ensuring they minimize the amount of chemicals they release into the air. Conclusion We all have a pollutiom to ensure that we use better practices to reduce air pollution. If each one of us takes necessary steps, we will all be on the way to a cleaner, fresher continent.

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