Yellow and grey wallpaper for living room

When teamed together, yellow and grey are a match made in heaven as the pair work in harmony. Toom living room The wallpaper is the starting point for the elegant look in this living room. Versatile grey has many shades to redefine a space; for instance, the palest of shades can form a light, bright base for key yellow and grey wallpaper for living room pieces to stand out, or a deeper more dramatic shade can form a focal point for you to work around, from confident charcoal to cool pebble the palette encompasses a wide spectrum of useable tones. The cool tones balance well with metallic interiors - pair it with copper-finished decor for a maximum impact. Ropm Stars Wallpaper Read article light grey wallpaper with an all over star design in white. Because it makes the perfect contemporary neutral. I love the feminine traditional look of this room, but need to make mine a little more masculine to accommodate my husband's taste as well as mine. Colour Totally chic and ultra modern, grey is fast becoming the colour of the decade to decorate with right now especially in your living room.

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Yellow and grey wallpaper for living room

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