Commercial heat transfer paper for t shirts

Best T-Shirt Heat Transfer Paper of By steven on September 27, -Best Heat Transfer Paper for T-Shirts Reviews- Finding the best T-Shirt transfer paper nowadays should be easy thanks to the internet, right? Mugs N More transfers to a variety of hard coated ceramics, metals, and magnets. Much like the original Image Clip paper, Image Clip Koncert T's paper allow customers to create colorful, custom designs on items that are dark or have bright colors. The image is developed with warm water under pressure. In an additional step the design can be metallized or flocked with a hot stamping foil or click flock transfer sheet. Call Us to Order Heat Transfer Papers and Bulk Ink Systems Sincerely, MARK S.

Usually Ships in 24 Hours Our Price Min QTY: Compatible with cutters including the Roland GX or Graphtex CE Red Line is the best type of heat transfer paper for reproducing photos or bit-mapped images. It is specifically designed for dark fabric.

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Our Red Line is a one step process. No need to mirror the image.

Commercial heat transfer paper for t shirts

Just print and peel away the backing. Then press the transfer on the t-shirt printed side up.

  • By using the sublimation transfer technology, the benefit is It's only transfer the image ink only to your T-Shirt and there is no Polymer Layer border on your t'shit, you do not need to weed and just cut according to shape.
  • Printable Vinyl can transfer on all type of textile POLYESTER, NYLON, LYCRA, SPANDEX, LEATHER, SYNTHETIC OR NATURAL FIBERS.
  • A Non-Stick sheet protector is for repeated long lasting stain protection for your heat press and using it would leave an undesirable temporary gloss finish on the transfer.

A heat press is required, not for use with house-hold irons. Use parchment paper to protect your press.

Use this paper to customize T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, puzzles, handbags, binders, paper, leather, magnets, wood, veneer and more. Mugs N More transfers to a variety of hard coated ceramics, metals, and magnets.

It's good for a few repeated uses per side on "Jet-Opaque" transfers and only one time use per side on "Laser 1 Opaque" transfers. Also used when curing direct garment printed shirts - "DTG Printing". This Silicone Parchment Paper trannsfer coated on both sides for maximum yield. You can try a set and see for yourself. This paper is needed in order to complete the transfer process for the transfer paper mentioned above.

Please note that glazing is required for durability. Available for download within 24 hours Our Price Min QTY: For Laser Printer Use only!

Commercial heat transfer paper for t shirts

For Light or bright-colored garments Heat Press only!


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