How to write an empirical paper


The Hourglass model for writing an article or thesis, is just one of many different models available. An article and thesis should have the shape of an hourglass. You will begin with broad statements that introduce the background of your research topic and it becomes more and more narrow your research question and hypothesis until it reaches the Methods and Results sections, which are the most specific sections of your paper.

Writing the empirical journal article.

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American Psychological Association Branson, R. Anatomy of a research paper. Writing the method section of a medical study.

How to write an empirical paper

Writing the experimental report: Methods, results, and discussion. Writing a scientific paper. Nutrition in Clinical Practice,22 6 Begin with some opening statements to help situate the reader. Do not immediately dive into the highly technical terminology or the specifics of your research question. You will want to ensure that only the most relevant research related to your research question is included in your literature review, so an in-depth search in the current literature across many databases is necessary. You will want to end the Introduction with a brief overview of your study. You should also clearly state your hypotheses source this point as well.

This section is focused on the particular methods -steps of your research study. This section must be clear, organized, and only include methods that were actually used not procedures you tried but did not use or failed. Depending on your research and subject, some of the followings sub-headings within the Methods section can be used: Participants or Subjects in animal research: The materials, scales or tests, equipment, stimuli, etc used in the research.

This section should be brief and in more depth during the results section. In this section how to write an empirical paper can include any ethical considerations including consent, care and treatment of animals and whether or not you received IRB approval for the study and if not, why you didn't seek approval The Results section should contain both data not raw as well as written English.

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Tables and Figures should be used if it makes the data easier to understand. Do not include unnecessary figures or tables as this will confuse readers. Do not include any statistical tests that you tried out of curiosity but are not related to the methodology or results of the study. First, present evidence that demonstrates that you accurately and reliably designed the methods section of the study. This can include the reliability and validity of certain tests and scales you used to create conditions. Then present the results in-order of the methodology of the study.

This will allow reader's to clearly make sense of the results and the statistical analyses begin performed.

Also see Finding, Reading and Citing psychology sources for information. You cannot use statistics as though they were parts of speech i. Tables go at the very end of your paper. Searching Databases for Empirical Research Searchable abstracts and full-text journal articles, including peer reviewed scholarly articles covering all aspect of Criminal Justice. Key characteristics to look for: Check with your professor to psper which APA Guidelines he or she would like you to learn and follow. Never forget that you are communicating with an audience through your paper.

The central and basic findings should also be prominent in this section and should be clearly stated. After the primary results have been provided, you can include the results of the preliminary tests that were performed. It may be necessary and is often recommended to provide a brief and clear summary of each section of the results before moving on to the next set of statistical analyses. This will remind readers of the issue in question and will create a nice transition into the next section of analyses. Finally, be sure to include information pertaining to the significance and if possible include effect size information as well.

Remember that results can only confirm or reject a hypothesis and that the results in and of themselves do not necessarily "prove" anything. Similar to an hourglass, the Discussion section should clearly map onto the Introduction section of your research paper. The discussion section allows you to bring together the results of your study and the interpretation of the results within the context of previous research and literature, which you included in your Introduction. Stating that your hypothesis was either confirmed or rejected is not satisfactory, you must elaborate further by reminding readers what it was you were interested in researching and what you have learned.

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Then compare your results to the literature that you referenced in your introduction section and to other research that has been conducted. Finally it is often recommended that a section on future research directions be included in your Discussion.

How To Write A Research Paper Fast

The subscale of interest for this study was the school competency scale. You should also clearly state your hypotheses at this point as well. The below reviews the commonly accepted practices in writing an empirical APA-style paper 6th Ed. You aren't just citing research, you are crafting a line of reasoning which leads to your research question. If you used a section heading for the previous variable, provide a new heading for this one. Remember to refer back to your own assignment and your professor for more information. Do not include unnecessary figures or tables as this will confuse readers. Then compare your results to the literature that you referenced in your introduction wriet and to other research that has been conducted.

Thereby concluding your research paper with a broad statement as to the future of your research topic. The abstract should be written after your have completed your research and written your article. See more abstract is very concise and often does not exceed more than words. It should contain a sentence addressing each section of the the article including: The research question The important information pertaining to the participants or subjects Experimental method and key methodology including important tools, tests, and measurements Key relevant findings including statistical significance And the results and implications of your study results All of this must be written as coherently and succinctly as possible.

Remove unnecessary words wherever you can and remove information that is not see more pertinent to a reader's understanding of your research question or study. To ensure each word is pertinent, you may need to evaluate the importance of each section and remove details in sections such as the methodology and results. The title should also be written following the completion of your research study and article. The title should be no longer than 10 words in length, engaging, and provide a quick overview of your research article.

How to write an empirical paper

It is essential that the title be clear and focused on the findings of your study.


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