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Whether you have just dropped out from the workforce, are knline full-time housewife struggling with the household budget, a student looking for a part-time job, or whatever your situation may be, freelance writing represents legitimate opportunities that you can exploit while you work from home. And the great news is that the opportunities are plentiful and ever-present. Online businesses are always looking out for freelance writers to create contents for their websites or other online publications.

The job could cover a wide range of skill set, from entry-level to experienced workers. Online businesses are always looking for freelance writers to create contents for their websites or other online publications. Earn Free Cash Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. For the purpose of this article, I have compiled the different sites and techniques I have used throughout the years to earn extra money on the side writing articles online. These should work just as nicely for you as they had been for me. How These Sites Pay Some sites pay you instantly after they get your submission, and some will pay you based on the performance of your article when it goes live.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons, but they both require effort and commitment on your part. Since this is a prepayment arrangement, how your written article going to fare in the search engine rankings or how many page views your work is going to help generate would not influence the payment. In short, there is no string attached upon submission of the agreed articles. With performance payment which onlune also known as revenue sharing, earning comes from ads and affiliate links placed throughout the page where the article resides.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online If you are ready to make some money writing articles online, here are some sites you can use to get started.

  • Mechanics of Writing And Publishing Articles for the Internet.
  • Their audience is diverse and all focused on providing excellent content for women.
  • One good thing about Squidoo is that getting traffic to your article is much easier since Squidoo lenses Lens is what they call an article tend to rank in Google a bit easier than articles from other sites.

As the name suggests, Wow Women on Writing is focused on content related to women. There are different payments for various types of articles they accept. Here is what the site pays for different type of content: Need Extra Cash for Free?

If you like getting paid for surveys, and hkw going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway! How 2 1, — 2, Words: CollegeHumor CollegeHumor is one of the biggest humor sites on the web. This is a site that focuses on the news and happenings around the world with a little humor.

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You have two options: Or, you can write as a freelancer. Browse the topics and chose the ones you onlkne to write about. The Articel Tackle This is the sister site of TheDailyHeckle. If you are a news junky and can write satirical and spoof news stories that can make people laugh, this site is for you. LTK is another site that pays up front payment for your articles. They pay via PayPal. But you have to be really good to be approved. The good raticle is you are not limited just to written content, you can create videos, photoshops and infographics. Hubpages Yet another site afticle shares advertising revenue.

Capitalize on your pet subjects and slowly build up hubs.

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The site enjoys huge patronage so it is entirely up to you to drive traffic to your hubs. You can write on just about any topic you can imagine. The earning comes from displaying ads alongside your published articles. You are paid via PayPal. Triond They have a publishing networks with a whole bunch of sites in it. Once your article is approved, it gets published on one of the websites in their network.

Money is earned through ads displayed on your article pages. They also pay via PayPal. InfoBarrel Again, you have total control on the kind of articles you want to submit here. They promote advertising sharing so you need to have an Adsense account in order to receive your split. There seem to be other ways of monetization of your articles but I am not really that familiar with those arrangements.

The plus side of this site is that the content out from InfoBarrel generally receives good ranking with various search engines, so that is an assurance of decent traffic if you write well. Snipsly I call this the Mickey Mouse version of InfoBarrel. They share the revenue from advertising with you through Adsense.

Making Money Writing Payment Method: How to get started What Culture have begun rolling out a system entitling all writers to earn money from every article they contribute. You will get to view their guidelines so you can be sure to tick all the boxes. Target your pitches so we can keep providing these lists. Unknown Sitepoint is currently one of the leading websites online when it comes to web development, and they are interested in paying quality freelance writers to contribute to their growing network. The majority of online blog posts and articles fall in the to word range, though there are exceptions. Now get to writing. Texas-based writers are preferred, because the site requires in-person visits.

But over your, the article length can start anywhere from words up. If you are a prolific writer, you are able to submit more works on the same time-frame. Writer Access Once you are approved, you how to write an article online be graded with their unique star system by taking a test, which determines how much you get paid per word. Here is a too down of how much you get paid per words depending on your star level: This is an all-encompassing website. Here they will dispense advice on readying one to become a competent freelance writer, while posting fresh jobs everyday.

If you are just getting started, this is a great site to get started with. TextBroker This is yet another fabulous site make money off writing. They generally accept articles of shorter length, and in my opinion, this represents an excellent opportunity to boost up your productivity. The site is not restricted to just individual freelancers, as they are open to both companies and entrepreneurs.

Again, you go to the archive and choose to write articles that would be of interest to them. Payment is done twice monthly through PayPal for work approved by them. Standard, Premium, or Elite. ProBlogger Job Boards This is effectively a job board for writers. Here, new jobs are posted almost on daily basis.

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Stick around here if you find your work volume need to be boosted up. The topics here could vary a lot. You could be writing blogs on major sporting events or simply do up a review on your experience using a specific product. Craigslist This may not be your conventional source of paid written work, but there are occasional writing assignments posted weite that pay well.

I once chance upon a work where I was required to write 10 short articles every week for a stretch of 2 months. The work concerned my experience on article marketing. I put 2 hours a week aside for this assignment and I must say it was a pretty generous payout.

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  • Webmasters and bloggers are always looking for quality writers on these forums.
  • These sites are often more reputable and established in their niches, and pay you a fixed fee per article instead of the pennies that roll in from rev-share sites.

The sites listed below were part of the original article, but they no longer work for the purpose of this article. We keep them here for articlr reasons. Voices — Formerly Associated Content No longer exists In all frankness, how the working of olnine site is going to pan out is yet unclear as Yahoo just recently acquired this site.

According to a press release, they said that nothing will get changed.

If that is true, the site is still willing to artjcle articles of all sorts. Writers can choose from upfront payment, performance payment or anything in between. For upfront payment, the amount they can commit to is usually no more than five dollars. So keep this in mind. There is also a bonus scheme when you receive payment after every page views.

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Naturally if your article is able to generate sustained interest, this could be a nice way to build out your cash pile over time. Nowadays, I use this site only sparingly, but there is no harm for you to check them out. Squidoo Merged with HubPages Squidoo is wriite of the biggest revenue sharing sites where you can write about almost any topic. You earn money through Amazon affiliate links, Adsense ads, etc.

How to write an article online

One good thing about Squidoo is that getting traffic to your article is much easier since Squidoo lenses Lens is what they call an article tend to rank in Google a bit easier than articles from other sites. Helium No longer the same company Helium is one of the very first sites I ever articls when I was starting out. Not only you can You can earn money in a few ways: Break Studios No longer exists Everyday there is a list of titles that you can choose from to write your articles around. Your article can be as short as words and as long as a words. You are paid at the end of each month via PayPal for every published article.

This is not a place where free-form writing is all the rage. Instead, your work has to conform to certain guidelines. The nice thing about this site is that you simply focus on work that interests you. If that is not easy enough, they have a library of over titles so you can take your pick from there. Say you are some sort of DIY guy, you probably can write an article on how to do things, detailing every step and process along the way.

The content from Demand Studios can go to several different sites, so that would maximize your reach. One hod you should be familiar with is ehow. Payment is made twice-weekly through PayPal, of course for work that has been approved. You can make money here by writing blog posts. Vocal Vocal rewards its users on a per-view basis — the more views your posts receive, the more you are agticle. The platform has something for all genres of writers — science fiction, relationships, health and wellness, travel, music, and more.

A Word on Blogging My favorite means of getting real income as a writer. The control you can exercise here is absolute. It would not turn you into an overnight millionaire, but I suggest you would dedicate some time daily to bring it up to speed over time. Until then, it may still be worth your while to continue to explore other income avenues. More and more writers have taken to blogging to supplement oonline income.

And the nice thing is that they just focus on topics that are close to their hearts anyway, rather than seeking high and low for fresh and unfamiliar content. Tip You will need to expand your marketability in order to earn more. It does not hurt if you pick up a variety of writing styles such as AP, Chicago, and MLA.

How to write an article online

At the same time, experiment on other natures of writing content. I say you articld try everything from eBooks to business and SEO articles, press releases to interviews, and blogs to product reviews. Wrapping up You can, of course, use other freelancing websites like Freelancer. Another great place to find clients is webmaster related forums. Most forums have a classified section where you can argicle a thread offering your services.

Webmasters and bloggers are always looking for quality writers on these forums. Forums like WarriorForum and DigitalPoints how to write an article online two of the hottest webmaster related forums where I personally know a few writers who make their living by offering their article writing services to forum members.


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