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How You Can Write for Huffington Post Right Now But No One May Ever See It August 24, Why You Should be Writing for Huffington Post The Huffington Post has recently extended an invitation to guest contributors. Now, anyone can sign up and write a blog post.

As a digital marketing professional, you might immediately think to yourself: That means your excellent content will never pass any link juice back to your site. There are several provisions in that contract.

For starters, you forfeit all rights to compensation. You Can Build an Online Community How would you like to have a fan base online?

You can do that by contributing to The Huffington Post regularly. You Can Post Links to Your Social Profiles Also, you can post links to your social media profiles in your HuffPo content.

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You can post as much or as little as you want. Keep in mind, though: The site how do i write for huffington post that all of your blog posts be original.

That means I could literally publish my grocery list on the Huffington Post if I wanted to. Share your post as much as possible Promote your post to your own networks to direct as much traffic to it as possible, as you would with any guest post. This is how I did it, but you can also use an email follow-up series to sell your own products or services and make even more! This is the way that Catherine and I have huffingotn done it in the past. Think of it as an episode of CSI Cyber — only without the C. Want to know a better way for how to write for Huffington Post?

Also, you have to avoid the usual assortment of taboo subjects. But the site wants hugfington to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Also, if you make a significant change to your content, you should note that at the bottom of your post. Your posting privileges are just that: You Are Not Guaranteed to be Published If you run afoul of the rules repeatedly, expect to have your account suspended.

In other words, you can repost your content anywhere else without a problem. Unfortunately, the company might make some of that info available to third parties. As of now, though, HuffPo says that your information will only be disclosed for legal reasons.

How do i write for huffington post

You Hold HuffPo Harmless If you get into some legal trouble because of something you post, keep in writw that The Huffington Post will not be your co-defendant in court. By submitting your posts, you agree to hold so company harmless for any of your bad behavior. So, if you have a question about something, be sure to contact an attorney in that state how do i write for huffington post submitting your content.

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