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To Kill a Mockingbird - Courage "Courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what" According to Atticus Finch, an honest lawyer in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. Atticus fits into this definition of what "real courage" is and demonstrates it several times throughout the novel. The evidence boils down to you-did-I-didn't. The jury couldn't possibly be expected to take Tom Robinson's word against the Ewells,'" Atticus solemnly explains this to his brother.

First of all, Atticus demonstrates courage when he undertakes the task of defending Tom Robinson, a black man wrongly accused of rape. Atticus knows he won't win the case and like Mrs. Dubose in her battle against morphine, he is "licked" before he begins. Nevertheless, Atticus knows that Tom is innocent and that he must fight for him, since no one else will. Atticus's strong sense of morality and justice motivates him to defend Tom with vigor and determination, giving it all he's got with one mission in mind. He wants the people of Maycomb town, whether they believe it or not, to hear the truth about Tom, "That boy might go to the chair, but he's not going till the truth's told" Furthermore, Atticus showed true bravery when he went against Maycomb, a generally prejudice town, in order to defend Tom.

He understood this web page taking the case would make him an object of scorn and ridicule. That no one would forgive him for believing in courage essay to kill a mockingbird black man's word rather than a white man's. Even his own sister expresses disapproval of his decision, practically telling him he was bringing disgrace on the family. But, no matter how much his reputation suffered, he did not change his mind.

Standing up for his convictions was more important then what people thought about him. Moreover, Atticus manifested courage when he went to the jailhouse to protect Tom from a lynch mob. How to Cite this Page MLA Citation: Hope is to wish for something with expectation of its fulfilment and to have confidence; trust. This is shown through the themes, issues and the characters in the novel. Atticus represents hope, he is optimist. He is from the higher class and defends the lower class and still has the anticipation to win.

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By Dan Grabham on at Whether you're writing creatively, for work or for your studies, these Windows apps will help you stay organised and on track. Indeed, they're for anybody writing big documents - we all know how things can quickly go off track and it's important to be organised. So these free downloads for writers will certainly help you - click the link in each to download the software. LibreOffice Writer Every writer needs a good word processor for at least some tasks, and LibreOffice has one of the check this out free offerings around.

Auto-completion, auto-formatting and the spell checker work as you write, delivering great results with minimal hassle. If you need a little more then it's easy to extend your document with embedded images, footnotes and endnotes, indexes, bibliographies and more. It's straightforward to export your work as a PDF file, ready to share with others. And this is all presented in a familiar, Word style interface. You'll feel at home right away. TheSage TheSage is a very powerful dictionary and thesaurus and a stack of useful features.

For example, a one-click lookup in most applicatons will get you a definition, an example sentence, a pronuciation guide with matching audio to hear it spoken out loudand any synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and meronyms. You don't know how to spell a word. No problem, TheSage will offer Google-like alternatives if you get something wrong. All your searches are stored in a history list for easy reference later. There's also an anagram solver. And the program can even run web searches on your term at Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Google.

Sigil Ideal for e-book authors, Sigil is a capable EPUB editor with a stack of essential features.

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Contact Us Tricks to make an essay longer or shorter My essay is too short. My research paper is too long. Those are problems anyone can have while writing a research paper. If you're looking for ideas, tricks and tips on how to make your essay longer or shorter, you've come to the right place. Check out our ways to stretch and condense your paper below. My essay is too short. How do I make it longer.

If your paper is not long enough and you need to make an essay longer, there are some tips and tricks you can use to stretch what you've written longer. If you need to fill space, use lots of quotes, especially long quotes. Using MLA style, long quotes have to be set in, or indented, several spaces into the page and one quote can fill a quarter of a page, no problem. Just be sure the quote is actually pertinent to the topic being writing about.

Need more space filler. Use an anecdote or story. If you are writing about an important person or event, tell an interesting, funny or strange story about their life or the topic. Find some way that the story connects to your essay. If you include lengthy citations or source-credits the author, name of the book or article, when it was written and such within the text as well as in your bibliographyyou can fill in a bunch more space. Be repetitious or use more than one example, quote or statistic to prove the same point.

When you write lists, separate each item into a separate sentence with its own thought. One sentence becomes a paragraph just like that. Use lots of adjectives, or descriptive words, and lots of transition words such as therefore, inasmuch, however, although, despite the fact, moreover Instead of - "In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is an interesting character. She has many important lines. Write - "In playwright and actor William Shakespeare's immortal tale of darkness, murder and intrigue, the classic thriller Macbeth, the diabolical character of Lady Macbeth has long captured readers and audiences alike with her fascinating and sinister ways.

Instead of "Statistics show that drunk driving is a problem in Texas, Alaska and New Hampshire. Write "The ongoing and serious problem of drunk driving is a nationwide scourge that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. To cite some examples, in there were 13, people killed on the highways of the state of Texas, according to the National Institute of Made Up Statistics.

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To add this article to a collection, you must be logged in. Login Now It's almost that time of year again, where finals are rapidly approaching and professors are beginning to pile on homework. Many essays will be written by students all over the country in the next couple of months, and if you're like me, you probably prefer to write those essays to the sounds of music rather than just the dreary silence of your dorm or the library.

However, I always find it much more difficult to write to music that is lyrical because I find it easily distracting. What I choose to do instead is to listen to tracks from various cinematic film scores. This way, I am not distracted by any lyrics that I may want to sing along to, but rather I am more focused and inspired to write a better essay. Listening to movie scores gets me in my writing zone and helps inspire me to do better, and believe it or not, it even helps me with my thought process, umsic things clearer in my mind.

I highly recommend listening to film scores the next time you are required to write an essay for anyone of your various classes. To help with your selection of what tracks to add to your playlist, I have compiled a list of my top 15 favorite score tracks to listen to while writing. This is a soft and soothing lullaby-esque piece that calms my mind and best music to write essays to words flow. Return of the King," by James Galway This is from the final scene of the final installment of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

This is a very emotional scene, when Frodo says goodbye to his friends who have accompanied him on his journey to Mordor, who fought against the forces of evil by his side, who have always been his best friends. Frodo boards a ship alongside Gandalf, Elrond, Celebor, and Galadriel to venture towards "The Undying Lands", home of the Valar.

This track is soft, yet emotional, which causes excellent spurts of emotion and passion whilst writing painful essays. Catching Fire," by James Newton Howard This track starts out slow and sort of eerie, but as it progresses, it gets much more emotional. I like to write this one because of the various tones it uses. Also, it reminds me that there are worse things I could be doing instead of writing an essay, such as going on a bst tour celebrating the other children I murdered in a government orchestrated event.

Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby. The soft instrumental tones help to retain focus to my writing, as well as the bold statements Craig Armstrong uses in his music to explore this idea of vast wealth. I find it fascinating how a composer can wrife me feel this way, and think a certain way, just by the notes he writes and produces on a piece of paper.

It's inspiring to say the least. This piece is expertly crafted because as the song begins, it is soft and hushed, almost like a whisper, as it plays, however, it builds into a brilliant and inspirational piece that moves me to think harder and type essayd as I struggle to writr an assignment. It makes me feel happy, with a little bit of emotional sad tossed right in there, that somehow I am able to incorporate into decent writing tactics. The tone of the song is uplifting and sentimental, and I think anyone who hears it can find a way to be attached to the song, and make it work for them in their own way.

Honestly, that is all the reason I need for this track.

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Original post by RAYPLETTS I am interested in hearing a few methods. Bear in mind this relates to an essay of 1 hour length, without text books. If this is an A2 History examination answer you are referring to, you won't have time in the 45 mins allocated to write something fantastic. However, you must set the task. To what extent did Charles I consolidate royal authority in Spain in the years to . You must do two things here: Setting the parameters of the study is all about showing that you are aware that a 'To what extent' question necessitates a thesis and a counter thesis in order to answer it thoroughly.

The best way to do link is through historiography, eg: Whilst Whig and Traditionalist historians contend that Charles failed to consolidate royal authority in Spain- ultimately leading to his abdication, an 'admission of failure', in Revisionist historians such as Henry Kamen offer a more realistic view, claiming that Charles succeeded in consolidating his royal authority, after somewhat of a 'rocky' start.

Next, is communicating to the examiner that you are to what extent meaning essay examples why the exam board have chosen these dates. These dates are significant, they have chose them for a reason, and for top marks you must show that you are aware of this: An indicator that Charles I failed to consolidate royal authority in Spain from Ferdinand's death in to his first elongated period of absenteeism in is the revolts that ensued from onwards I have chosen to lead into my thesis with the use of dates, however it can also be done in the first sentence of your introduction. A workable structure for the thesis: So, to the essay above, my point would be that the revolts do not point to the fact that Charles was a failure, because he didn't solely cause them.

Then I support it using a quote from an historian. Then engage with his point by using an evaluative comment, 'He has a point', and justifying it by my own explanation, ie- because there are others factors eg Link back to question- 3 A bridge- where you flaw your thesis and make way for counter-thesis.

A small paragraph where you talk about how rubbish the thesis is. However, it is important to note that an argument can be made to suggest that the revolts were not solely caused by Charles' succession, thus they were not indicative of his own personal failings.

In addition, the consequences of the revolts can be said to have helped Charles consolidate his authority once and for all. Two paragraphs where you contest the question. Can follow same structure as thesis- point, historian, engage explanationlink. Clearly, you might want to use the opposing school of thought. The idea that Charles failed to consolidate his authority due to his early failings as a king, which saw rebellion break out, must be amended if it can be proven that Charles was not the sole cause of the revolts.

Conclusion- your own opinion. The conclusion is very important.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Racism creates inequalities amongst different ethnic groups that have implications on the mental well being of individuals. The culture of racism needs to be put to an end as it is destructive for all members of society. Racism creates multiple inequalities among society. Lula was kind of racism when Cal brings Scout and Jem-white kids to the church of black people community. Whites had all the power while blacks and other minorities were suppose to fear them. In MaycombAlabama racism was around and had effects on citizens. Segregating whites from blacks is a horrid thing.

This theme is visible throughout the entire novel, but it is most prevalent in the society in which they live in, the racism that the children are exposed to, and their realization of the true world around… To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay Words 3 Pages If one reads To Kill a Mockingbird without pondering the author's title choice, one remains unaware of the book's true meaning.

Harper Lee characterizes mockingbirds through Atticus warning Jem that it is a sin to kill a mocking bird and Miss Maudie saying that mockingbirds are harmless creatures that only make sweet music for people to enjoy. In their own way, both Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are harmless mockingbirds who do no wrong. As a good neighbor, Boo warms Scout with… The Mockingbirds in To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee Essay Words 8 Pages She was part of a southern family related to the confederate general Robert E.

Her father was a lawyer and newspaper editor. Harper Lee attended Huntington College and then the University of Alabama as well as attended Oxford University as an exchange student for one year McGovern 2. Lee entered law school briefly but soon left for New York to pursue a writing career. Whether it be opening oneself up to the philosophies or ideologies of the author, or by improving an individual's English comprehension and composition skills. It is hard to believe that at one time these world renowned authors and poets were once the prodigies of English literature… To Kill to kill a mockingbird racism essay Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay Words 12 Pages find the real meaning of what was being said.

If Lee had picked, say Atticus, we would not have heard the funny stories or about maybe even not have known who Boo Radley was at all. He would have dwelt on the trial part of it and used big words and made it "to kill a mockingbird racism essay" It would have been the same with any of the other characters, excepting maybe Dill and Jem. The author, Harper Lee did an excellent job of picking the right person to… Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Words 3 Pages contrast, mockingbirds sport drab, brown and black feathers, and are much more likely to attract the aggression of marksmen looking for deserving targets.

However, the simplistic, unlearned minds of children do not easily recognize any criteria beyond the superficial, such as the visual appeal of a bird. Similarly, the jurymen in the novel's central episode convicted Tom Robinson based on some warped principles, with little but the delusive, shallow logic of skin color to guide them. Lee crafted the… To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Is an Inspiration for Students Words 4 Pages To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee has become a mainstay in American high-schools.

This is a classic novel that has inspired many people of all ages. It had a big impact on how people viewed and treated each other. This is a story that teaches everyone about the value of honesty, love, friendship and trust.

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IELTS Problem Solution Essays Sometimes in the IELTS task 2 you will be given a problem solution essay. In this type of essay you need to discuss the problems with regards to a particular topic and then suggest possible solutions to these problems. One of the first things you want to make sure that you are able to do is identfy one of these questions when it arises. Here are some examples of this type of question. Problem Solution Essay Questions: Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

Nowadays many people have access to computers on a wide basis and a large number of children play computer games. What are the negative impacts of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effects. The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before.

What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest. In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations. Some essays ask for reasons and solutions, not problems and solutions. Writing about a reason or cause is not the same as writing about a problem.

Check these model essays to see the difference. Problem Solution Example Essay In order to understand these types of problem solution essays further and how to organize your writing, we'll look at a problem solution example essay: The enormous growth in the use of the internet over the last decade has led to radical changes to the way that people consume and share information. Although serious problems have arisen as a result of this, there are solutions.

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Tuesday 30 September In many cases, essays were riddled with basic writing and composition errors, and received very poor or failing grades from independent examiners. Ofqual said that while it had no evidence that students were using the services to submit essays as their own, its chief regulator, Glenys Stacey, said: If anything, the fact that it is not possible to simply purchase a grade A GCE A-level essay is an exceptionally encouraging outcome.

Only one of the six papers received a clear pass mark of B, while the other five received poor or ungraded marks from examiners, who had been briefed on the origin of the essays. The essay writing services defended their work saying they offered research services and not finished essays. All six essays were delivered on time and only one showed signs source plagiarism. The use of American spellings suggested several of the authors were located outside the UK. Reviewing the essays and their marks, the report said: Although in a number of cases, essays were reasonably well structured and used relatively sophisticated language, the almost universal ignorance of the scope of the work to be undertaken and associated criteria for assessment, combined with the utter lack of in-depth analysis, suggested that the essays were written by relatively competent writers The narration of the death of Mandela was accompanied with numerous statins [sic] of his achievement and his requirement to all people.

Every person or institution wanting to live the legacy left by Mandela would be moved by the text since it reminds each and every person of the importance of being willing to sacrifice for the sake of the world. This essay is crudely structured, poorly written and almost entirely descriptive. It is nowhere near A-level standard in my judgment. E or Ungraded UK Essay Writing Services Sample: The genre of the texts if largely read article since it follows the newspaper reporting type of composition.

They seek to make the reader know of a certain thing that has happened. They want to bring to the know how the events took place and what they resulted in. The expression is limited. There are a considerable number of stylistic infelicities and a fair number of grammatical errors.