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Every All-Nighter Paper You Write By Mike Trapp The All Nighter Term Paper 9: We see a screenshot of a computer screen. Word is open on the screen with the following text: Title of the Paper: By the end I will conclude that Respected Scholar is probably right after all, but that healthy debate is important in any field.

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This opening paragraph did not require many citations or much research, so I was able to type it up pretty quickly, and I feel pretty confident I will finish earlier than expected. To try to hide this, most of my information is coming from one source Main Source After realizing that I have cited the same source three times in a row, I will try to make my research look more varied by citing some common knowledge from some other place Bullshit Source I will write down how I remember it and make a note to find the correct citation later???

I will not remember to do this by the end of the night. The internet is open with a bunch of i love to write essays meme Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, CollegeHumor if we want to suck our own dicks.

I love to write essays meme

You can still kind of see the essay in the window underneath. Wgite to the essay. It is scrolled down so the previous last line is now at the top of the page. I have rewritten this one sentence twenty times in the go here 30 minutes.

It looks like a Wikipedia page. In the corner is an IM window conversation. You gonna make it out tonight?

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Relevant Topic is a piece of information that is actually useful for wite current goal of finishing this damn paper. If you have only just realized how much time you wasted on stupid websites, this is actually a good way to remember where you left off in the paper, remind yourself of certain key points, and generally get you back on track.

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Relevant topic is also very tangentially related to slightly interesting thing. I love to write essays meme interesting thing is only slightly more interesting than whatever the topic of your paper is.

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We ezsays now on the Wikipedia page for the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is a page that you have somehow landed on by following a series of Wikipedia links. It is the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, and is in no way related to the paper you are supposed to be writing.

Netflix takes up the whole screen. It is playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze. There is an IM window in the corner. Hey, did you know that Loce and Pierre Chang are the same dude? Are you writing your paper? The word document is open. All other windows are closed. Arite see the last sentence he has written. After procrastinating for several hours I have completely lost my train of thought add Citation Later. I am going to just type out some notes I made from my research in loosely connected sentences add Citation Later.

Just a load of word vomit. Not ime to fix them now.

Not only can you flex your argumentative muscles, but you can also cultivate the ability to critically assess and communicate key components of your information. If it helps you, put a couple of sentences at the top of your page to remind yourself of what you want to get across: To try to hide this, most of my information is coming from one source Main Source There is an IM window in the corner. The college application essay is your chance to communicate who you are to the admissions officers.

Page 9 too the essay. In conclusion, my roommate just came home from a crazy night out and found me passed out with my paper still open on my computer. This poop going to be hilarious.


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