Why college football should be banned essay


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Live debates about fascinating and contentious topics. May 9 By Katy Waldman Journalist Malcolm Gladwel, photographed at a event, teamed up with Buzz Bissinger to make the case last night for banning college football.

The stench that comes out of the lit cigarettes On top of that there is always the ongoing risk of injury from broken bones to the br of a minor to severe brain injury resulting from extensive hits to the head. Recent technological advancements like electronic money laundering have enabled drug traffickers to earn huge profits. With college costs going nowhere but up, students from low-income families face tough decisions. We need the whole enchilada, so to speak.

Should college football be banned? Katy Waldman Katy Waldman is a Slate staff writer.

Tim Greena former NFL defensive end and sports broadcaster, joined Fox sports correspondent Jason Whitlock to contest the motion. The audience was polled at the beginning and end of the event, and the side that changed the most minds carried the night. Eight percent left the auditorium undecided. The numbers revealed a remarkable about-face: The debate held poetry: Both Whitlock and Green, former players, offered up misty testaments to coklege time on the field.

Why college football should be banned essay

And there was pain. The small sample sizes of studies connecting football and brain trauma gave Green and Whitlock a boost early on. Green reeled off a long list of activities riding a bike, rowing, downhill skiing more statistically risky than football.

Why college football should be banned essay

And he vowed that the game grew ever safer as NFL reforms trickled down into the college game. He expressed skepticism about the efficacy of bw helmets and watered-down rules of play—although he did draw laughs with a seemingly earnest plug for intramural flag football to replace the NCAA game. The United States faces the most competitive global economy in recent memory, he warned.

An unhealthy obsession with sports handicaps our intellectual class. Advertisement This led Whitlock to call collete a broader understanding of what education means. Yet he collete more willing than his debate partner to consider serious reforms to the way the game operates at the college level.

For instance, he suggested, student athletes should play fewer games and participate in fewer full-contact practices. Because the facts seemed at times hard to pin down, the four panelists skirmished over audience emotions. But colleges earn government subsidies because, as educational bodies, they conserve a special trust with students and families.

The human population is categorized into smokers and non smokers. However, coaches of a football team such as Nick Saban of the University of Alabama and Bob Stoops of the University of Oklahoma got obscene millions from academic budgets that should be used for academic purposes Buzz Bissinger, The good news is that, after media pressure, the NCAA and NFL are taking head injuries seriously. Growing up my father was always trying to get me to attend college. Bissinger delved deeper into the role of the university. But sometimes in our lives we may wait and attend college later in life. When she was five, I asked her "What do you want to be when you grow up.

The neurological risks inherent in football fly in the face of that trust. Bissinger delved deeper into the role of the university.

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Curiously, such a spirit of responsiveness and teamwork defined the evening. As Donvan noted, even in the thick of disagreement, the panelists resisted the urge to talk past one another. Nor was it wholly off-base: The Canadian Gladwell seemed genuinely mystified that a culture would decide to worship football as opposed to, read more, Monopoly.

But who knows what happened after the debate ended:


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