College essay what makes you unique


UC Essay Prompt 8: Essxy Sets You Apart? What is the one thing that you think sets you apart from other candidates applying to the University of California? It is also the most open-ended of the bunch. It also makes it critical to focus your answer.

In your essay, it is vital that you present yourself as someone who loves to learn, can think critically and has a passion for things—anything. Without a comfortable flow of status updates an Here are a few lists to help you get started. Exemplifies articulation of learning makrs in the first year of a level grades and a sense of optimism for a better. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

However, I believe that brainstorming ideas for this last prompt 8 FIRST is a great way to college essay what makes you unique ideas for the other seven prompts at the same time. Whichever works best to get those college essay what makes you unique percolating! The approach I love to brainstorm topic ideas for any personal-statement essays like UC Prompt 8 is to first identify a short list of your defining qualities, characteristics or values.

Find your Core Qualities and Core Values in these posts. These new University of California essay prompts aka Personal Insight Questions are each relatively short: This amounts to two substantial paragraphs, or three shorter ones.

To keep a strong focus in your mini-essay for Prompt 8, make sure to pick only ONE core quality, characteristic or value to highlight. Then start fleshing out your ideas and related experiences about it.

College essay what makes you unique

Look for one specific example that will support the point you want to make in your essay. Start your Prompt 8 essay with that example to engage the reader.

Here is the rest of the Personal Insight Question for Number 8: When looking at your life, what does a stranger need to understand in order to know you? What have you not shared with esway that will highlight a skill, talent, challenge, or opportunity that you think will help us know essat better?

If you already have some ideas of what you want to write about in your other three mini-essays for the UC, check to make sure that this Number 8 essay explores or shares something different about you from the other three. Some students might know immediately what sets them apart from everyone else.

Maybe you have one blue eye and one brown eye. Maybe you are a champion yo-yo expert. Maybe you are the youngest of five girls. But if you are like most students, you might not have some odd, abnormal or bizarre component to your life.

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You can still find something that is unique to you. You can go back later and divide it into two or three shorter ones that make sense.

Job Interview Question: What Makes You Unique? Before & After Answers

Usually, you can condense that into only two to three sentence, and move on. The most important part of this essay is how you ,akes why that unique part of you is important, and how it will help you thrive at a Yuo and tie into your personal and academic goals. The UC provided a worksheet to help students brainstorm ideas for these essays.

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Lots of things can influence who you are, such as your experiences, family, interests and values. Here are a few lists to help you get started. List three of your personality traits if you need help, ask your friends or family how they would describe you:



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