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If you find yourself in this all-too-common situation, stay positive and don't panic - it's possible to write a good essay, even when time is short. Steps Creating the Right Environment 1 Remove or minimize distractions in your workspace. These may include other people, noise, television, music, your phone, and the internet.

Temporarily block websites that you know might distract you, such as social media websites and apps.

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Some people prefer to use earplugs to block or reduce out any ambient noise. Let others around you know that you have to work on an assignment and would appreciate not being disturbed. Call off anything you'd plan to do otherwise. Explain that you have a last minute essay link finish. Be persistent if people try to pull you away from your work: Wherever you are working to write the essay, make sure it is clear of clutter and is comfortable.

This includes any textbooks, notes, articles, research, etc. If you have any other things that help you write, like snacks or coffee, have those easily available as well. Once you have everything you need to start writing, take a moment to focus before you begin. Breathe in, and try to focus your mind on the essay you are about to write. I've got everything I need in front of me. I just need to focus for X amount of time, and then I'll be through with this essay. Pulling an "all nighter" is not recommended when trying to write an essay, as it can leave you exhausted and your work seeming unfocused.

If you are in a situation where you have to do this, however, a few guidelines will help you to do the best you can: Try to avoid having too much early on in the process, because caffeine will eventually cause you to mentally "crash. Write in a place that means "work" to you, such as a desk, study room, or library. Try not to get in your pajamas or lie in bed.

You'll want to keep your mind on writing, not drifting off to sleep. Get some exercise now and then. Get up from your work to walk around for a few minutes, or do a few pushups, etc.

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A little bit of exercise will help keep you energized and stay focused. Get plenty of sleep the next day. You will need to recover from your lack of sleep. Part 2 Prewriting 1 Start by reading the assignment. Look over any prompt or guidelines you have for writing the essay very carefully.

Sometimes fully understanding the assignment is half the battle. Usually, the keys to writing a great essay are there in the prompt. For example, if you are writing for a literature class and a prompt asks you to "illustrate your argument with specific evidence," you'll know that means the essay will need to quote directly from the text you are reading.

Choose a style you prefer bullet points, a diagram, brief sentences, etc. Look for key points and quotations that you think you might incorporate into the essay, and make a note of them. While it might seem like stopping to make an outline will eat up precious time, it will actually help you write more efficiently and clearly. This is especially the case if you are working on a paper that requires research or outside readings. It is tempting to put off the actual writing of the essay by doing more research, but the preparation has to come to an end so you can begin your work.

Part 3 Crafting a Strong Thesis 1 Consider what the main point of your essay will be. Many rushed papers lack a strong thesis. What question will your essay address? Sometimes, an essay prompt gives you a specific question to answer, and sometimes you are asked to develop your own, so read your assignment directions carefully.

Whatever the case, your thesis is your specific answer to the question.

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This means that you will be working to convince your reader of your point by providing evidence to back it up. If it sounds like too obvious of a point, revise it until it seems more arguable.

Need motivation to write a paper planes

A thesis is more than a topic or statement of fact. They might wonder, for example, why you think the branches of the government are responsible for the nation's stability, as opposed to economic or cultural factors, and you essay has the opportunity source explain and answer this.

There are several kinds of theses.

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For example, an expository thesis explains something to readers, while an analytical thesis breaks down a topic into parts and evaluates them. Even an essay based on a narrative story will benefit from a clear thesis. A prompt that asks you to "Evaluate the relationship between the branches of the United States government," for example, seeks an analytical thesis.

  • If you practice some revision and editing strategies, you may feel more comfortable with the idea of re-reading your papers.
  • Create a productive environment.
  • Tell someone about your writing goal and timeline, and ask them to help you determine whether or not your plan is realistic.

On the other hand, a prompt that asks you to "Describe the process by which the United States government was divided into three branches" is asking you to narrate a sequence of events. Part 4 Writing the First Draft 1 Begin with the introduction. The introduction is a very important part of an essay—perhaps the most important—because it orients your reader and explains your argument. You just need to begin writing. Get something down, and it will help you move confidently forward.

When you are pressed for time, don't worry too much about writing a creative introduction--just try to write one that is clear and focused. If you have time left at the end, you can come back and try to improve it. A simple but effective plan is to make sure that your introduction states your essay's thesis, and gives an overview of what the subsequent paragraphs or sections will discuss. Your outline will help you do this. A simple version of this would look something like "In this essay, I will first describe X, before moving on to Y and Z.

Then, I will explain need motivation to write a paper planes relationship between X,Y, and Z, demonstrating that [insert thesis statement here]. Take the writing of the essay bit by bit, following the outline you made. This will keep your writing on track, and keeping your plan in mind will encourage you to keep going.

Need motivation to write a paper planes

If you're wavering between describing Shakespeare as a "great" writer, or "the greatest," for example, just pick one for now and move on. When time is short, you will write more productively, and keep your morale up, if you keep pushing through with more writing. If you are quoting another work, cite it according to the style MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

Even if you are just paraphrasing a work, you should cite it. As a rule of thumb, if you got an idea or information from a source outside of your own head, you should cite it. Keep up with them as you go.

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Some prefer to take scheduled breaks, by setting a timer or watching a clock. Others prefer to take a break after reaching a convenient stopping point, such as the end of a paragraph or page. Whatever method you choose, make a note of where to pick back up when you return to writing. Look back over your essay and make sure one last time that your thesis makes sense and is arguable, and that your writing supports it. Now is also the time to go back and edit any of your sentences for word choice, clarity, and grammar.

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If you're really pressed for time, then probably the most beneficial things you can do to improve your essay are to make a reverse outline and to revise your introduction. The result will look much like an outline you would create before writing an essay, but you can use it to double-check your finished product. Editing your introduction can clarify your thesis and make your essay stronger. While you made your outline and began writing your essay with a certain idea of what your thesis or "point" was, that idea probably changed at least slightly as you wrote the essay itself.

Go back to the intro after you have finished a draft of the essay and make any changes to the wording of your thesis based on what the rest of the essay says the reverse outline will help figure this out. At the final stage of writing, do a quick check of your essay for any remaining spelling and grammatical errors.

Always do a read-through before submitting your work. The most efficient technique for catching mistakes is to read your work out loud. A pair of fresh eyes can catch mistakes you might have overlooked. Print the essay if you need to. If you are submitting electronically, do everything you can to make sure the file type is correct and the file was received.

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