Fastest way to write a research paper


If any of them return very few results, cross them off your list. Be sure that a lot of your hits return results from credible sources. Look for sites that end in. Pick a topic that returned a lot of credible hits on Google, and, if possible, also interests you. This rezearch returned a lot of hits from university and government sources, and there appear to be lots of books about 19th century American midwifery. This will help you form more in-depth searches. You may want to include some questions that you have about your topic in your preliminary outline.

You will probably want one subtopic for roughly every pages. So for a 10 page paper, try to think of at least subtopics.

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Your outline on 19th century midwifery may look something like this: Demographics - Which women were midwives? Payment - Did people pay them cash?

How to Write a Ten Page Paper in One Night

Daily life - Did midwives have fastest way to write a research paper responsibilities beyond childbirth? What did their daily lives consist of? Laws - Legality of midwifery? Qualifications - How did a person get to be a midwife? Stats - How many women were midwives? Part 2 Doing Research Online in a Time Crunch 1 Decide how you will organize your research as you go.

Choose an organization system that works well for you. Fastedt the websites on your browser of choice Copy and pasting links into a Word or Google document which you can later turn into a Bibliography Using a research organization tool such as Zotero or any other site that keeps track of sources and creates Bibliographies 2 Do papfr Google search on the first subtopic.

Be sure to try various ways of phrasing it. For example, if you want to find out about midwife demographics first, there are a variety of ways you might accomplish this.

The empire began its decline before aqueducts were widespread. Now, just make your in-text citations and put them after each part of your paper where you felt you were being particularly insightful. Now, all you have to do researchh follow the path. Think back on anything you might have read or heard in class on the topic, and try to plug in the missing factor that will turn that question into an answer.

You fastst search variations on any of the following: At this point, you should just skim them pa;er relevance to your topic. You will look at them more carefully as you start to write. This is obviously a source that will help you, so you should save it and move on.

Fastest way to write a research paper

Google and Amazon have both digitized a huge quantity of books. Save links to any books that appear.

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One of the two sites may have the part that you need. The advantage to looking at digitized version of books is that you can use the search feature to find keywords relevant to your topic. If you find a book that fastext exactly what you need, but the text of it is not available online, you may want to make a quick trip to your rsearch and check it out. For example, a book with a title like, American Midwifery Before and After the Civil War may be worth the effort to track down.

On the other hand, a book called, Life in the 18th Century, which appears to include just a few paragraphs on midwifery, may not be worth your time. This search engine will return peer-reviewed and reliable sources. This search will return both scholarly articles and books. Clicking this may yield more good sources. Researxh articles that Google Scholar returns will only have a preview or an abstract.

You may want to wait until you have conducted the bulk of your research to determine whether any articles are worth buying. If you have access to a college or university library, login, and choose a database such as JSTOR, Proquest, or LexisNexis. Search for your topic and subtopics in any of the databases you have access to. Be sure to save all of the relevant sources. Eliminating sources later is much easier than having to do more research at the last minute. For example, maybe you ran across an article that discussed 19th century midwifery worldwide. Save the article anyway, and you can return to it later if you need to.

This is the time wrire decide for sure which subtopics you will write about. You will probably want at least pages per subtopic, depending on how much information you found. Narrow your focus to the topics that you have lots of information on. If any of your subtopics did not turn up enough relevant results for you to write a few pages about them, cross them off your outline.

There are a few good websites that talk about the exchange of goods in payment for midwifery services, but not enough information to yield several paragraphs. Maybe as you were searching, you discovered that fastrst century American midwives frequently clashed with professional, licensed physicians, and you found lots of good sources discussing this issue.

Part 3 Writing a Research Paper Quickly 1 Start drafting. Pick the subtopic that you feel most comfortable with, and start writing about that topic, then work your way through the other subtopics. Keep a Word or Google document open on one side of your computer or one monitor, if you have dual monitorsand open your first resource under your first subtopic on the wsy side or the other monitor. Be sure that you can see both at the same time. This will save you a lot of time switching back and forth between screens and losing your place. Beginning with the first source that you open, start reading carefully.

Absorb the information, and then write about it in your own words. How do you make paper look old your research paper instructions to determine how your instructor wants you to cite fastest way to write a research paper sources. Each time you use information from a particular source, cite it. Be very careful not to plagiarize in your haste. Do you need to expand the subtopics a bit? For example, maybe you discovered that there is a lot to say about the daily lives of midwives.

The rest of the paragraph should be setup; explain your thesis. If the paper is about a person I'll give a super short bio. One of the two sites may have the part that you need. Start each paragraph in this section with a straightforward "minithesis," and explain it see Part 3. Even if it's just a sample of the book, try to find the page number, or worst-case scenario - make an educated guess.

Write about any remaining subtopics on your outline, being sure to cite as you go. Keep an eye on the page limit. It may seem counterproductive to stop working when you are under a time crunch, but it is important to let your brain rest for a little while so that your ideas can gel. Take a quick walk, do some yoga, eat a snack, or run a quick errand. Now that your ideas are all down on paper, summarize your arguments and major points in the intro and conclusion.

Write a strong thesis statement stating your major point or argument. Be sure that this sentence is the last sentence in your introduction. This is a good time to flesh out half-formed thoughts. This is the time to slow down and read everything carefully. Be sure to do so according to the style guide your instructor or discipline prefers. Common style guides include.


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