Best way to write a response paper


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Drafting the Reader Response 1 Identify an angle you can take when talking about the text. A good reader response paper best way to write a response paper have a clear thesis statement or overall argument. If the assignment specified a central question to focus on in your response, the answer to that question should become your thesis statement.

Best way to write a response paper

If not, your thesis should address you overall impression of the book. You will need to follow the directions for your specific assignment, but most reader response papers are about pages long, and use the following general outline: How you organize these paragraphs will depend on the parameters of the assignment.

That statement will make your overall opinion very clear. In contrast, Andersen displays the sea witch reeponse the battle. Though the story is didactic, its click teaches the individuality of personality in children. One of the best examples of this idea of carnivalesque is when Cartman defies his authority figures. Kingdom Hearts still has some elements common to adult-centered texts, one of which is the mostly conservative plot. I was absolutely fascinated by the book. Make sure that the introduction clearly specifies the name of both the text and the author.

These should support your thesis statement, and provide clear examples of the kinds of things you want to talk about in your analysis. Is there a key bit of dialogue that really captures the protagonist's personality?

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Is there a scene that reminded you of something from your personal life, or taught you how you might handle a specific situation? Part 3 Writing the Reader Response 1 Write the introduction.

Make sure that the introduction clearly specifies the name of both the text and the author. It should also include some description of the text, and what it's about. The Introduction should end with your thesis statement or argument.

Best way to write a response paper

You should write paragraphs that discuss the text and the reading questions in depth. You don't necessarily have to answer each question in order. Multiple questions can be combined and addressed in a single paragraph, or reordered in a way that flows well and makes sense to you.

  • Finally, by losing her life, she wins the hope of immortality because of her years of good deeds.
  • I was about six years old when I first heard this story and it allowed my imagination to meander into the world of mermaids.
  • Finding out that Full House was actually a television show and that Michelle, Stephanie and DJ were all actors and were not related to each other or me in any way completely broke my heart, and I still have not forgotten that feeling to this day.

It is often helpful to use the first body paragraph to include more information about the text, the plotline, major themes, etc. As you write your paper, think about explaining not just how you felt about the text, but why it made you feel a check this out way.

Each body paragraph should include at least specific examples from the text. These don't all have to be direct quotations. For example, you might simply describe a particular event or passage in the text. This was Santiago's greatest wish, but it was a different kind of success than he initially set out to achieve.

  • Instead they are progressive as they challenge us to rethink what should be, and uniquely see the ideas that contradict our norms.
  • No one would know to think that, because it is not based on any hint of truth.
  • One of the most common was a movie uses interpellations is through gender.

Resist the temptation to string together multiple multi-line quotes, and make sure to include at least one sentence after each quote explaining how it relates to the point you are making. This is exactly how I felt after I received my third rejection letter, but like Santiago, I kept trying, and eventually I was accepted.

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You will usually be required to note the page numbers of any quotations or specific examples in parentheses at the end of the sentence. This should be one paragraph that summarizes your arguments so far, and brings the reader back to your thesis or main point.

A great way to think of your conclusion is that it's one last chance to explain to your reader how you see all of your points fitting together. Make sure and give your paper a thorough once-over, looking for typos, grammatical errors, and things that don't quite make sense. Sometimes it's hard to see our own mistakes, so it can really help to exchange papers with a friend, and proofread each other's work.


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